About our company

As a service company that provides Hosting - Web Hosting and Domain Registration, in FRANQUICIAS CONSOLIDADAS, our mission is to provide an outstanding customer support with a fast and reliable network with many features at a matchless price.

We continue highlighting this along with our reliable, stable and custom hosting service.

Hosting Service - Web Hosting and Domain Registration, fully complete with the best features of the market for all types of business.

Our corporate focus concerns speed, reliability, and performance. We continually strive to optimize every possible aspect of our service. In addition, with the help of superior technology and hardware, we can provide an optimal and guaranteed service.

Server availability is checked every minute in various locations. If any of our connections fails, other connections automatically take over. Our network is constantly monitored 24x7 by internal staff and third parties who monitor our servers. If a problem occurs, they immediately alert us and our technicians will treat the problem before noticing. We do not expect to disclose a problem, we already know the problem.

FRANCHISING CONSOLIDATED gives great value to its customers. This is why we constantly strive to exceed your expectations and create new standards of service and quality.